Siberian Husky Puppies

Puppy pictures at BOTTOM of the page!!

Price: $500
$250 non-refundable deposit to hold your puppy. The deposit will hold your puppy til they are ready to go to their new homes.  If you decide to back out on your puppy, you will not receive the deposit back & the puppy will be re-advertised as For Sale.

If  you have problems with your puppy & no longer want him/her, we will gladly take them back, however, we do not give refunds on purchased puppies.

Cash or cheques will be taken for deposits.  If you wish to pay with a cheque  for the remaining amount, we will require you to pay without taking your puppy home until the cheque clears.  Otherwise, we accept cash.

>>We reserve the right to refuse to sell our puppies to any person for any reason if it makes us feel that home is unsuitable.<<


3 Males

The puppies come with their regular shots as well as 6, 8 & 12 week boosters for parvo virus to ensure the puppies have the healthiest start.  If you purchase your puppy at 8 weeks, it is at your discretion to give the 12 week booster, but is highly recommended.

To approved homes only.

We will have a buyer form for you to fill out.  Its not a contract, just a way for us to keep in touch to see how things go with your new Siberian.

Please read the following PDF link about Siberian Huskies before you decide you want to buy.

Siberian Husky Information

Please contact:
(204) 745-3317


The Father


Max is a gorgeous purebred Siberian Husky.  He has the unique pointed ears, keen eyes & pointed snout.  He is very friendly, great with children & has a wonderful personality. Max came from a family with children, but now has a new home on a farm.  We do not own Max, but had Jessie bred to him.  He is also very strong & wants to pull - potential sled dog!  He is very intelligent & easy to train.

The Mother

 Jessie is not a purebred Siberian, but you can definately tell she mostly is!  Jessie has a little bit of black lab in her, which gives her the floppy ears & the rounder snout.  However, she has that great husky colouring, the same feet, fur coat & piercing eyes.  We adopted Jessie from a family who didn't have time for her.  She is a beautiful dog. She is shy with strangers, but not agressive whatsoever.  She only takes a few minutes to warm up to you & she's your best friend.  She especially loves children - they can wrestle with her, run & play & she loves it!   She is great with our 8 month old nephew - he pulls her hair & she takes it in stride & gives him lots of kisses.  She is very intelligent & was very easy to train.


The Puppies

More pictures will be added as they grow up!  I will also note eye colour once the puppies eyes open.

Name: Bandit - Female>> SOLD
Black/Gray - minimal white, 4 white boots

Thank you for your purchase of this puppy!!

Name: Maximus - Male  **tentatively spoken for**
White - black pigments coming through in the nose, eye area & ears

This little guy is a unique little pup.  He is all white with a black nose & eyes.  He is going to be quite the stunning guy.  Like the rest of the puppies, he is energetic & outgoing & would make a great companion.

He is currently spoken for & will be held for that person til August 30th.

Name: Tundra - Female **I'm still available!!**
Gray - lots of white, spot on top of head

This girl has LOTS of energy.  She runs & plays a lot & she is very outgoing.  She loves to get attention & isn't afraid to get into a little bit of mischief, as most puppies do.  She would be best for a more active family.

Name: Angus - Male >> SOLD
Black/Gray - white patterning on head and a V shape on back

My new family named me Diesel!  Thank you for your purchase of this puppy!!

Name: Nico  - Female **I'm still available!!**
Black/Gray - white patterning on head with 2 specks of white between the ears

This little girl is a sweet & submissive little dog.  She has lots of energy & loves to play, but she is the first to come lay done next to you & show her belly in submission & ask for a belly rub.

Name: Thor - Male >> SOLD
Black/Gray - white patterning on head & back

My new family named me Bolt!  Thank you for your purchase of this puppy!!

Name: Chinook - Female **I'm still available!!**
Black/Gray - white stripe up the face, no white patterning on the back

This puppy is a sweet natured little girl.  She loves to run around & play but she is also cuddly & enjoys attention.  

Name: Kodiak - Female >> SOLD
Black/Gray - white triangle on the face, no white patterning on the back

Thank you for your purchase of this puppy!!

To see the slideshow with the puppy's names listed, click on the following link: