1997 Blue Roan


Boon Dox John

Boon Bar

Doc Bar

Teresa Tivio
Dude's Queen Bandera Dude
Dolores Bar

Feature Frost

Sun Frost Docs Jack Frost
Prissy Cline
Miss Kitti Plus Fore

Go Sandi Go

PC Boons Feature is a performance bred stallion that passes on all the qualities needed in todays arena performance horses.  Boon's get excel in the roping arena as well as on the barrel pattern.  He passes on his good temperment & excellent conformation, not to mention colour!  Many of Boon's foals are roan.  Boon's pedigree says alot too... with the great Sun Frost, along with Boon Dox John, Boon Bar & Doc's Jack Frost, you know he is bred to perform.  If you do your research on the progeny of horses like Sun Frost & Boon Dox John alone, you'll find out just how many of today's rope & barrel horses are bred this way... & for a reason!  Its proven!

If you take a look at the testimonials below on Boon's get, it is so plain to see that Boon's colts are extremely intelligent, have wonderful dispositions and are so amazingly trainable.  They have willing attitudes & want to please their owners!  Not to mention, the kind of mind and athletic ability that is crucial in today's rodeo, rope and barrel horses.

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Boon's Progeny!
We have a ton of very satisfied customers, who are more than happy with their Boon horses!
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Some of the horses listed here were bred by Boon's previous owners, Dawn Lasby & Carmen Jackson.  They are still Boon babies & it still show's what a great sire Boon really is!

See more testimonials on these horses, as well as other horses we have sold that aren't Boon babies on our Brag Page!

Boons Bonita Warrior
aka: Jet
Owned by: Kevin Gee
Bred by Rocking W

Solid heading horse.  Even heels steers on him.  Being hauled to jackpots - Kevin says everyone wants him!  Nice quiet gelding, kids to seniors can ride this guy!

"Just letting you know that Jet, who I bought at the sale in Saskatoon in 2007, is a great horse.  I have been heading and even heeling steers off him and he loves it.  He is about 16.2HH and really athletic.  He is a gentle giant to be around and everyone can ride him, kids to seniors.  Thank you for raising great horses." - Kevin Gee
Barry Sunny
aka:  Sunny
Owner: Sarah Anderson
Bred by Rocking W

"Thank you Rocking W for producing some great horses.  We bought "Barry Sunny" as a barrel racing project and things are going GREAT!  I just love him and I want to let you know how things are going!  Lets start with all the qualities that I have found with "Sunny".  He is a big horse but very athletic and can handle the turns easily.  He has a huge stride and speed to burn.  He is very smart & learns fast.  But the most important thing is his loving nature and big heart to try whatever I ask him to do.  I spent last summer at barrel jackpots, breakaway roping and showing at local horse shows.  He handled it all from halter classes, reining, roping, poles and barrels.  I ended the season off at the MBRA Finals where he made awesome patterns and demonstrated his great athletic talent.  I look forward to the summer of 2011 with Sunny, where my goal is to continue seasoning him and enter him in the Norther Lights Derby competing against some of the top derby horses in Canada.  Judging from last year's progress, I know he has a great future!" - Sarah Anderson
Boons Crimson War
aka: Hemi
Owned by Jasmine Shaver
Bred by Rocking W

"The 2005 gelding (Hemi) is my best horse.  I have been showing him since he was 2 and he is so level-headed and just the best partner I could ask for.  He has earned his place as a permanent feature of our farm as long as he lives.  He was trained by Bonnie McCutcheon and we are going to be doing reining hopefully. The past few years we have just been doing smaller shows and some 4H and he always cleans house." - Jasmine Shaver

Boons Jet Frost
aka: Jet
Owned by Kayley Goodine
Bred by Dawn Lasby

"She has a huge personality and heart which has made her a joy to be around everyday.  Her Athletic ability made training her a truly wonderful experience and I know thing will just get better and better every year.  I know she will give me her all every time and that makes every run fun!  I look forward to going down the road together for many more years doing something we both love!" - Kayley Goodine

Kayley & Jet qualified for CGRA Finals 2010
2011 - Plan to compete in:

DL Bar Dox Boon
aka: Stitch
Owned by Mike & Shelle Longeway Family
Bred by Dawn Lasby

"Stitch came to my family as a 3 year old and quickly became a wonderful breakaway, team roping (both ends), pole horse and barrel horse.  After my mom and dad got Stich patterned and ready to run I decided it was time for me to step in and claim him as my own!  After much pursuasion and a couple puppy dog faces on my part, Stitch was officially my horse!  He has taken me through 4H, Wrangler Rodeos and many gymkhana events, always keeping me happy and wanting to try harder.  After my old goat tying horse passed away, I decided it was time Stitch learned a 5th event.  After much hard work Stitch and I have become a goat tying machine, we made it to the Alberta High School Finals our first year and plan on going again, but this time in goat tying, pole bending, team roping and breakaway roping.  Stitch is my wonder horse, he tries his heart out every time he runs; he can go from 21.0 seconds in poles to slow loping around the barrels when my brother rides him.  Stitch is one in a million!" - Wren Longeway

"Stitch is a finished head horse, breakaway, poles (21 second horse), goats, 2D barrels and Wren showed him last year in 4H.  Stitch is the type of horse you just show him what you want him to do and he does it.  He is an outstanding gelding.  He has the mind and ability to do whatever we ask of him." - Shelle Longeway

4H Calgary Region Level 5 Reserve High Point Champion
Stitch won or placed in all of the following classes with a 14 year old riding and training him in his first show:
Showmanship, Western Pleasure & Equitation,
English Pleasure & Equitation
Trail Class & all Gymkhana events

Alberta Junior High School Rodeo Breakaway Season Leader


CGRA Junior Horse of the Year
Goat Tying Jr & Sr Season Leader
Jr Rookie of the Year
Alberta High School Rodeo Qualifier in Breakaway, Goats & Poles

He has won money at team roping jackpots with a #2-6 header, as well as barrel jackpots, most of the time winning the 2D & has placed a few times in the 1D.  Stitch is only used as a back-up barrel horse now.